Separate domain for each service

Hi everyone
first, I am absolutely beginner in UCS 4.4 (free edition) so please be patient with me.
I have registered 3 public domains and I want use them like this for example: (I already used this domain as UCS domain during initial setup of UCS)
A record (including *.domain) of these domains is pointed to my piblic ip.

For now I tried to install seafile and I get it but seafile is working on domain and I want to move seafile on different domain: I already mentioned above

I will very grateful to you if you can give me advice how I can launch service on separate (multiple) domains
THX and sorry for my not very well english


check this.


Thanks for your answer.
I tried to create vhost for by this tutorial but I could not find location of …/seahub/media/ directory in univention.

Can anybody help me?

I know that tutorial is old and I already use updated vhost in my original debian 9, everything works fine in debian but in UCS (downloaded via app center) seafile changed directory scheme I guess.

no one can help? Weired, I assumed this is simple beginner issue