Self services reset credentials

I am testing Univention CS (latest release, 4.4.4-errata624).

I have installed Self Services apps to let our domain users reset their own credentials.

My UCS server is joined to an existing AD domain as member server.

In UCR I have configured following variables:
ad/reset/username --> administrator
ad/reset/password --> AD administrator password

But when I try to reset a forgotten password I obtain this error:

Internal server error.

Server error message:

The configuration of the password reset service is not complete. The UCR variables “ad/reset/username” and “ad/reset/password” need to be set properly. Please inform an administration

So my question is: it is possibile to reset AD credentials or only credentials of users if UCS server is in a UCS domain and not an AD domani?


The UCR variable should be set on the server which has the self-service app installed. Maybe it helps to restart the univention-management-console-server service after changing them.


I have set the two variables in the ucs server where self services app Is installed.

I Will try to restart those services as you have indicated.

I then let you know if It Is working.

Thank you


I have tried to restart the indicated service but I obtain the same error message.

How can I see a more detailed error message in log files?

Maybe there are other setups missing.