Self Service setup

I’m new to UCS and so far everything seems to work ok. I installed the self service package and both the reset password and change password links get me there.
Problem is, if i try to use the reset password i get an access denied message.
User is part of the Domain users group and not any admin group.
I also need to add another group to the whitelist which only has Domain Users for now.
From the CLI i can do a search to see what’s in the whitelist and blacklist files, but how to modify them?


The self-service modules are meant to be installed by the AppCenter (and on a dc master or backup). If you didn’t install the app, but the packages manual, then that is the reason for the problem. The “permission denied” does not refer to the user, but to the frontend of the software not being allowed to connect to the backend.

Please do the following:

  1. install the app (on a dc master or backup):
univention-app install self-service
  1. you should now have two packages installed:

dpkg -l 'univention-self-service*' ii univention-self-service ii univention-self-service-passwordreset-umc
3. run the join scripts of both packages (again):

univention-run-join-scripts --run-scripts --force 34univention-self-service.inst univention-run-join-scripts --run-scripts --force 35univention-self-service-passwordreset-umc.inst

Now it should work. If you still have problems, please check the following log files:

/var/log/univention/management-console-module-passwordreset.log /var/log/univention/self-service-* /var/log/apache2/error.log

I had installed from the app center, but apparently something didn’t work.
Running the scripts fixed my problem, Thanks a lot.

Now if i may ask another one.
Is it possible to change the link for the password reset and password change pages? Something custom like or change
If it is, how?