Self Service Passwordchange mit "mail" instead of "mailPrimaryAddress"

On UCS 4.4 i am able to change a user-passwort wenn i am using “MailPrimaryAddress” as the username.

Is it possible somehow to allow “mail” as well? Currently the user is unkown when i am trying to it with that mailaddress.

We have some user-accounts without a mailprimaryaddress (because that Mail-Domain ist not hosted via UCS), so we had to set a MailAdress to the attribute “mail”. This is used as the login for all the web-applications fine and the users dont know there UID, they only know “mail”


I found this ucr variable and set it to string, so i can now enter mail-addresses which do not belong to my domain. Which is fine for my use-case

ucr set directory/manager/web/modules/users/user/properties/mailPrimaryAddress/syntax=string