Self-Service Email forwarding

I would like to give the users the opportunity to make an email forwarding e.g. for holiday times. The mail should be really forwarded instead of only redirected. We tested the ‘mailForwardAddress’ attribute which works, but only as ‘redirection’ of the mail. Which means it is not stored in the original users account. I found also the ‘mailForwardCopyToSelf (Wert 0 oder 1)’ attribute but this has no visual representation in the UCS self service. What is the best practice fullfill my needs ?.


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does this help you with what fields to use?
Q&A: Which mail fields for users are available in UCS?
My guess is that PasswordRecoveryEmail should work.

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Unfortunately PasswordRecoveryEmail is not the solution to this Usecase.

I am looking for a visual representation of the attribute ‘mailForwardCopyToSelf’.
I am open to other ways to solve the subject described above.

Ah yes, indeed, I misread your question.
I’m still not completely sure if I understood what you want to achieve: You want the forwarded messages to be saved within the original mailbox and this should be configured via the Self-Service?
To make the UDM attribute mailForwardCopyToSelf available for the Self-Service it has to be added to the UCRV self-service/udm_attributes.
Afterwards user should be able to change it’s value via a Drop-Down.

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It turned out I did not configure correctly in a first attempt. After setting back and retry the config, all is fine now and as expected. Thanks a lot helping me out.

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Joernheit Have you configured everything in Univention? Looking for some help for email configuration