School Administration dashboard icons disappeared leaving only the wizard

not sure what happened but under the School Administration i now only see the wizard icon but I lost all the other icons (computers, users, classes. .etc)… it just disappeared on me, not sure exactly how it happened.



looks like you reinstalled the app UCS@school somehow? Or are you on another server?
Take a snapshot and go through the wizard again.
As far as I know the wizard should not change any data in the directory.


Hi @michelsmidt

Thank you for getting back.

I’m not really sure what happened but luckily I’m just on a test enviroment so no biggy.


Since I’m running out of time as I prepare to implement your software at a school I opted to proceed and uninstall and reinstall the ucs@school app and that solve the problem leaving me with 2 schools, so I deleted the old one and recreate my test users in the new school, I hope not run with the same issue once the actual ac/dc is implemented in production.

If you have any recomendations for the implementation they’d be really appreciated it.

Thank you, though for getting back.

Cheers and happy new year to you and your team.

Dear @fcortes,

good that it works now. Recommendations for implementation are difficult to give without further context.
Your answer tells me it’s a school you’re looking after, isn’t it?
How many teachers and students work there?
How many devices are there? Which operating systems (Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux) are available?
In general it is always recommended to go ahead in small steps and then take the teachers and students step by step.
A good starting point is the following documentation page:
Unfortunately the documents are only in German but a translator should hopefully do it.
Of course we also like to help you in this forum.

Happy new year!