Samba4 and Slave Role

Just wondering, Our UCS Master server has Samba4 running as our AD server. We have a 2nd AD server running on one of our UCS Slaves. I just noticed that the S4 Connector is running on the Master, however I do not see it running on the slave. Both have Samba4 running, just that only 1 has the S4 Connection running. Is this how it should be or should I try and manually start it. I see from the UMC that it is set to “never” and it appears AD is still functional so I would think this is how it should be but I wanted to check first before I dig more into this.

See screenshots.
Master UCS

Slave UCS … 4connector
This is the default. The s4-connector is only running on the dc master (this is how uit should be). So, everything okay :slight_smile:

WOW, thanks for the fast reply!!! Thanks! You are faster than some of the support we pay thousands of US dollars for! Thanks again. I’ll let my ops team know it is NORMAL.