Samba with rfc2307, posix attributes

we currently have a windows ad server with unix extensions and testing ucs (4.3) to replace the win ad server.
we’ve a mix of debian hosts/server and windows clients which are joined to the domain. nfs and cifs/samba are our main protocols for file sharing.
for us consistent uid’s across systems is mandatory.

due to the fact that samba server on ucs doesn’t know the posix attributes like uidNumber, gidNumber,etc… and we were not able to make freenas + ldap + kerberos + sso work I’ve added the rfc2307 schema manually to ucs samba like described here
then I modified the user (ldapmodify) with the necessary posix attributes.
with that using the ad backend at freenas posix attributes were mapped correctly.

there was already a bug/feautre req for this ->

now the actual question:
are there any plans to put rfc2307, posix attributes into ucs samba and webui ? or sync these important attributes from openldap, where they exist, to samba db ?