Samba Umlaute nach Datenumzug mit OSX Client 10.13 HS bzw. 10.14 Mojave


after a move to UCS (UCS: 4.4-2 errata385
Installed: fetchmail=6.3.26 kopano-core= kopano-webapp= samba4=4.10 z-push-kopano=2.4.5 4.3/benno-mailarchiv=2.4.6 4.3/bluespice=3.0.1-ucs.1 4.1/nextcloud=16.0.6-0) my documents/folders wich names include mutated vowel (Umlaute) aren’ t visible in my Samba shares in MacOS 10.13 /10.14…

New created ones are shown without any problems - but the old one not or in.
After a internet search i found: wich i think it ist also my problem. The named solution ist so use convmv.
When i start “aptitude install convmv” aptitude will purge libbit-vector-perl{u} libcarp-clan-perl{u} libdate-calc-perl{u} libdate-calc-xs-perl{u}.

Is there an other solution or is it okay to purge the packets?

Best regards!