Samba shares and permissions(No write access)

Hello All,

I’m assuming user error here but I can’t find where i went wrong. I’m able to create a new SMB share, apply permissions, and access the share from a workstation just fine. My problem is if user 1 creates a new folder on the share it can not be deleted by user 2. Additionally, no users will not have write access to create anything additional in the new folder just created. Both users will have read access. I can fix it as an administrator at the command line but this seems like an extra step that shouldn’t be necessary.

Also, users are not able to change the permissions of the sub-folders or files they create. Lets say a user creates a folder and wants to lock it down to a specific group, it can’t be done.

This issue is the case even if I create a completely wide open share. I enable “Create files/directories with the owner of the parent directory” and “Create files/directories with permissions of the parent directory” on an existing share and I thought that resolved it, however I just created a new share with those setting enabled and the problem persists on the new share. Can someone point me in the right direction? I’m assuming there’s a check box somewhere I need look at but i’m a little lost.