Samba share available only by IP not by host name


I face a problem on a UCS instance running well. The samba share beguns unavailable through the name of the samba AD-DC server and work with IP of the server, and of course I don’t why…

Authent is OK by ip and share shows but I can’t log by name, “Access denied wrong login or password”

DNS resolving is ok all the records are present, I test with “hosts” file, without more success…

Some of my googling tells the kerberos AUTH is wrong, an other talks about old credentials cached, but I can’t check what’s wrong…

Any idea, of what to do to correct this anoying behavior ?

A couple of questions:

  1. Can you access the share via the short host name, e.g. via \\server\share?
  2. Can you access the share via the server’s fully-qualified domain name, e.g. via \\server.mycompany.intranet\share?
  3. Can you access the share via either name from other clients?