Samba Problems... again


I had similiar problems here: Samba - access denied / zugriff verweigert

After reinstalling those problems where gone now suddenly since Monday I can’t access Samba by the hostname, just by the IP it’s possible. Trying to connect by hostname does not produce log entries. Other than “password / username wrong” in the windows credential window theres no other information. DNS works flawless. Every Server/Client can lookup every Server/Client by their hostnames, the server in question also.

I have not found a solution to this as my member server with Samba seems to go corrupt after 3-4 Weeks, then I have to reinstall it because suddenly problems appear where noone can help… that can’t be normal right?

Oh and sometimes, on some computers it does work by hostname. It’s not a problem with Windows Credential manager, I checked that a 100 times. I can NSLOOKUP and Ping by hostname.

I’m just looking for help to troubleshoot this problem. I already put hours of googling into this but googling those keywords hint me that it’s a DNS problem wich it is not as already wrote above.

Thanks in advance!

I have similiar issues… that maybe related with that.

I can’t access a share both via hostname or ip addres, but if i open it via ipaddress i cann’t open excel file (no memory) if open via hostname it works.

This happen after latest updates… before always work (ip or hostname)

Though I noticed: I’m able to connect by hostname up to the share, but clicking on the share gives me the wrong password error. Connecting via IP works flawlessly

@Max1 the old problem is related with firewall, try disable/stop it and check if you can access the share

To wich firewall? Of the server? How can I configure the firewall there?

Try run service univention-firewall stop in the ucs server

What UCS version and errata levels do you use?