Samba no more binds to multiple ip on same interface


since update to errata 78 (now server is 4.2-1 errata 96) samba does not bind to the 2nd ip of the server interface.

how can i reenable this ? through ucr ?


I couldnt find quickly which erratum can be responsible for the changed behaviour but there are some UCR variables.
Example taken from a 4.1 system:

# ucr search samba | grep interface
samba/interfaces/bindonly: <empty>
 If this variable is set to 'yes', Samba only listens to requests on the network interfaces specified in the variable 'samba/interfaces'. If the variable is unset, Samba listens on all interfaces.
samba/interfaces: <empty>
 If the variable 'samba/interfaces/bindonly' is set to 'yes', Samba only binds to the interfaces listed in this variable. Multiple entries need to be separated by blanks.
samba/register/exclude/interfaces: docker0
 This variable defines network interfaces which are ignored by samba (e.g. eth0). Multiple values need to be separated by blanks.