Samba_kcc NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT Error Discrepancy - Need Help Understanding

Hello Univention community,

I’ve been encountering an issue with the kcc_periodic.c process on my DCs, and I’m seeking some guidance on understanding the root cause of the problem.

Problem Overview:
I consistently receive the following error on all 4 DCs:

[2024/01/19 14:02:05.917120, 0] source4/dsdb/kcc/kcc_periodic.c:790(samba_kcc_done)
  source4/dsdb/kcc/kcc_periodic.c:790: Failed samba_kcc - NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT

Interestingly, when I enabled logging at level 5 and monitored DC1, the error did not occur, and the kcc_periodic.c ran correctly with the message:

[2024/01/19 16:04:30.732009, 3] ../../source4/dsdb/kcc/kcc_periodic.c:793(samba_kcc_done)
  Completed samba_kcc OK

Discrepancy Question:
Why does the error occur when running without log level, but not when logging is enabled at level 5? I’m puzzled by this difference in behavior.

System Information:

  • Samba Version: 4.19.3-Debian
  • debian 12

Additional Information:
I’ve included excerpts of log outputs with debug information and the specific error messages. Could anyone shed light on the purpose of the code segment mentioned in the error?


I appreciate any insights or suggestions to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Thank you in advance!

My saga continues…

I’ve configured the audit log for drs_repl in smb.conf, and below is the log generated.

The log level was 5.

Could someone take a look and help me understand the log?