Samba DC/Member cant add any Printer

Hi, we have many UCS as Windows Domain Member or as Domain Controller
None of them is Working with the Printer MMC Snapin

I added the current User to the Printer-Admins Group

Driver Upload is working, but not adding any Printer
Always Access Denied

This is at least at thee Installations, two are DCs after Takeover, one is Member

CUPS is just installed, do I need it?

Please advice

I got one Step further.
I had to add the Printer in UCS Console
Then I must add the FQDN to the Printerconsole, not the Hostname!!!

So the Printer is inside, I also checked all Documents from Frau Scheimig
I removed the Package-Aware Gap but still not able to upload any Drivers


… Der Hashwert für die Datei ist in der angegebenen Katalogdatei nicht vorhanden…