Samba backup clean

What is the suggested method to maintain the /var/univention-backup/samba

Every day a backup is made, i keep some files their for gpo install etc (34Mb) … every day a 34mb backup after some time is a lot… do exits any ucr variable to after some 90 days for example remove old backups?

As far as I know there’s no cleanup method provided by UCS itself. I usually run find /var/univention-backup -mtime +7 -delete as a cron job which would delete anything older than seven days. I chose such a low number to keep as that directory is backed up via my normal backup mechanism anyway.

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good solution, it messed up a customer who filled netlogon with installers

Be careful, this messed up our replication once, because it deletes /var/univention-backup/replication if it is empty. Better use find /var/univention-backup/ -type f -mtime +7 -delete.

You must configure in the Univention Configuration Registry the Value “backup/clean/max_age”.

Automatic deletion of backup-files in /var/univention-backup/, of files older than backup/clean/max_age. If unset, no files are deleted. If less than backup/clean/min_backups backup-files exist, no files are deleted.