Samba 4 RODC File Sharing Problem

Hi All,
We recently configured one of our domain controller to act as an read only domain controller (RODC). The join domain has been a success with no problem. We also add domain users and domain controller group as member of “Password Replication Policy” and already set as allowed for that domain controller.

But problem arise when the users try to connect the samba4 file sharing folder, it doesn’t want to connect via IP address nor with FQDN.

But when I try to access the folder using the domain administrator account, it can connect just fine but only via FQDN (i.e \ and still won’t connect when I try to access it via IP Address (i.e \

Because of this problem, i then unjoin the domain controller and configured back as a DC and then join back again. After the server join successfully, i then can connect to the fileserver as normal (via IP or FQDN)

is this a bug? or anyone else has this kind of problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.