S/MIME password in Deskapp


Hi forum,

I have an annoying problem with my S/MIME passphrase in DeskApp. Every time I have to input my S/MIME passphrase for signing my mail, that means: every mail. I have set the option to allow the browser remembering the S/MIME passphrase. That works fine with the WebApp, but not for the DeskApp. I use DeskApp on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop Client. Using WebApp with firefox on the same client works… By the way: with an earlier version of DeskApp (I don’t know the version number anymore) it still worked.

Version Info:
DeskApp: 2.3.11
Kopano Core: 8.7.1

Any Idea what I can do to solve this issue?



Hi @ingra,

for question that are not directly related to UCS or the Kopano integration into UCS I would recommend to rather post in the Kopano Forum instead. Over there the WebApp QA also checks in from time to time.

If you have a Kopano subscription you can of course also open a support case.