Running executables/application installs from UCS share



I have made a directory on my UCS share for application installations. Domain Admins have Full Control to this directory. However, some executables will not run; I will see a message such as “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.”

I have previously encountered this error when using a NetWare 6.0 server. This was corrected by changing security settings in IE (Miscellaneous > Launching applications and unsafe files > Prompt). This setting is in place on my test clients, and I have added the Univention server to Trusted Sites.

In a Server 2008 R2 environment, with similar security settings, the executables run without errors.

Any advice is appreciated.



as far as I know there are no special “restrictions” in place that prohibit executable files from being run, but Samba and Windows will have some differences in how they do file locking (see … cking.html) etc. that may lead to problems with some executables (which depend on acces to databases, want to create files with special permissions, …).

Maybe you can find a more detailed error message in the windows event logs.

Janis Meybohm


Thank you for your response. However, neither the system logs nor the firewall logs show any entries related to this error.

It appears that subdirectories are not inheriting permissions. For example, on my MS AD server, if I have Full Control on a parent folder, then check security on a subfolder, I see that all rights except Special Permissions are checked. However, when I check security on a folder in the Univention share, Read & Execute, Modify and Full Control are unchecked. I can change those permissions, but the change does not push down to subdirectories.



maybe you just have to check the “inherit acls” option on the “Samba permissions” tab for the share? Please see the chapter Management of shares in the Univention Management Console of our documentation for a full description of the permission options.

Janis Meybohm