Running bitwarden_rs on Univention


Maybe some of you did also want to try the password manager bitwarden, but ultimately did not proceed with it, since it requires MSSql (which also makes it quite heavy for small amounts of users).

The good news is that thanks to the open source community there are some alternative implementations of the bitwarden api out there such as and The latter even implementing the organisations feature of bitwarden and thus allowing to securely share accounts between users.

Since I wanted to give bitwarden_rs a try I at first began writing an app for the Univention appcenter for it, but this morning decided to simplify the setup and instead just provide a small bash script which will fetch the latest tagged release and spin it up in a Docker container on the Univention host. To make the integration a bit nicer the script will also setup an apache vhost (listening at https://bitwarden.whatever.hostname.univention.uses) and a cron job for daily backups of the bitwarden_rs database.

The script is available at maybe some others find it interesting as well (should be easily modifyable to run other applications instead).

Contributions are welcome!