Rocket Chat How to redirect http to https?

Hello, I installed Rocket Chat from the Univention Apps. It is nice and works quite well. I did not find how to force http to https for the Rocket Chat app. I think it should be default to true (if I remember well it is default to true in Nextcloud Apps).

Thanks for your help.

Hello @nathanael,

what is your original journey to Rocket.Chat? Do you access the UCS system directly and open the UCS portal and from there click on Rocket.Chat?

If the portal is accessed with HTTP, the subsequent links will also be HTTP. If it is HTTPS, it’s likewise.

To force HTTPS for the UCS webserver, which also works as reverse proxy to Rocket.Chat, you could set the UCR variable apache2/force_https to yes.

Best regards,

Hello, thank you for the reply.
So I just checked, and the key apache2\force_https is true.
But I can still go to http://domain.tld/rocketchat/ without being redirected.
For your information, if I go to http :// domain . tld/ I am redirected to https://domain.tld/nextcloud/ as I set the sartsite to be /nextcloud
Do you have any idea what we could check ?