Roaming Profiles


I have seen part of the manual here: … les:samba4

But that only details where the profiles are stored. How can I actually implement roaming profiles? Is there any more detailed documentation on how to go about it?



roaming profiles with a behaviour known from microsoft have not been implemented to date.
Edit: I am sorry, I jumped to the conclusion that you want to use roaming profiles which are saved/stored on the (terminal)server - that behaviour is not implemented at the moment.

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You have to enable it with GPO by setting profile path


So it is a limitation is UCS, not of Samba4? I know Zentyal can use roaming profiles, I just assumed UCS would as well. I like the interface and features of UCS, but no roaming profiles is a deal breaker.




I think we first need to understand what you want to accomplish exactly. Can you describe your scenario and what you want to do?

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Uhh, I want to use roaming profiles? I am not sure how to explain it much more simply than that.

The ability to have users log into any computer that is joined to the domain, and have their personal files, bookmarks, etc. transferred to the workstation.



Can you explain what does not work in your environment if you follow the documentation, that you linked in your first post?

Samba supports roaming profiles, i.e., user settings are saved on a central server. This directory is also used for storing the files which the user saves in the My Documents folder. Initially, these files are stored locally on the Windows computer and then synchronised onto the Samba server when the user logs off.

If the profile path is changed in Univention Management Console, then a new profile directory will be created. The data in the old profile directory will be kept. These data can be manually copied or moved to the new profile directory. Finally, the old profile directory can be deleted.

No roaming profiles are used in the default setting in Samba 4.

Roaming profiles can be configured via a group policy found under Computer configuration -> Policies -> Administrative templates -> System -> User profiles -> Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer.

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On a test computer, I logged into the domain account that has administrator privileges on a Windows 7 machine. Opened the Group Policy Management and navigated to “Computer configuration -> Policies -> Administrative templates -> System -> User profiles -> Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer.” and set the path to \servername.domain%username%\windows-profiles

Then log out of the account, and try to log back in, I get the message (in Windows) “There was a problem with your roaming profile. You have been logged on with your previously saved local profile.”



what does the event-log on the windows server say about this? Can you navigate as a user to this path and open the share? Can you check (and possibly correct) the permissions?
many times errors like this are permission based, so you should check this - the event log should give additional hints.

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We do not use Windows Server. Just Windows 7 with RSAT. I tried creating a share and using that as the path. I even set the owner to “nobody”, still no files written to the share.

Edit: I am not sure what exactly I did. I set the profile in RSAT under the proper GPO to \servername.domain\profiles%USERNAME% then created a /profiles share within UCS. After setting the home and profile directory for the test user to \servername.domain\profiles<username> with the owner as the test user, and the group as “domain users”, the group policy seems to work fine. I suspect I need to create a template for the individual user groups to have their home and profile directory set up during creation.