Roaming profiles for windows 10 clients


i currently try to set up roaming profiles on windows clients.
Joining the UCS is comparatively easy for windows 10 clients, compared to ubuntu.

However, i struggle what’s the best practice to actually set up the clients/user profiles.
Especially, how to do this for the best performance.

For clarification, I want to achieve workstations, which install local software programs.
Users shall be able to log into every workstation, use the installed software, and shall get access to their own data as well as local settings (Desktop background, Icons, such things).

According to the introduction page i see 2 different things. Roaming profiles and folder redirection. However, i do not get the “right” setup and don’t know what the “correct” approach.

* Windows Home Drive -> The Drive letter to map to
* Windows Home Path -> The path to the share containing the user’s home directory
* Windows Profile Directory -> The path to the user’s profile directory

So I am not sure if I understand these settings correctly.

The Windows Home Drive and Windows Home Path belonging together?
So for the user bobby, I can set them as this:

Windows Home Drive = W:
Windows Home Path = \\UCS-1234\bobby

And bobby gets a network drive W: with its content from the server.
As far as i understood this dir is “just a dir”. So it does not sync things such as Desktop Icons, Windows User settings, etc?

In order to also sync the windows profiles i also have to choose a path to a dir which shall save all the necessary windows settings such as Desktop Icons etc.

Windows Profile Directory = \\ucs-6422\bobby\windows-profiles\default

So in this case the user bobby should be fine?
Whenever he logs in, he get his data across all devices?
Or do i need to map C:\user\bobby to W:\ ?

However, with this setup, the performance of bobby’s login process (even when logging out of machine A and directly logging into the same machine A again) is terribly slow.

Does bobby have to fetch the whole user dir every time he logs into the machine?
With my current setup, C:\user\bobby is about 1GB and the login takes over 2 min and over 10 min for logoff (due to lower upload vs download speed?)

Why is this so slow? There were no changes in UCS-1234\bobby between the same logins, therefore machine A shouldn’t need to fetch any additional data, just perform a quick check.

I probably miss something. Is there any way to make these logins faster?

PS: The machines got plenty of local disk space and comparably fewer users.
So there should be no problem holding the data of every possible user on every machine (Best case I could build a script to delete user files that aint logged in for a longer time when the local machines run out of storage.
After all the current bottleneck would be my server’s disk space, not the local ones.
The actual changes between sessions would be comparably low.

I tried and digged into the windows logs, but I can’t spot something unusual.
The only warning I got is that the servers ntuser.dat is older that c:\user\bobby\ntuser.dat.

I hope someone can help me with this topic.

I’ve checked the logs and also enable verbose log on.

A log on takes about 3 minutes and a log off of over 12minutes with a user profile size below 2gb.
During the log off I only get the message "waiting on user profile service ".

Also the log files does not show any errors