Revert back to UCS setup wizard again after updating

Hi All,

We had update our UCS servers to the latest version (4.1.3 errata 318) and it appears just fine and no errors found in the update. However after we reboot the main domain server, it revert back to the default UCS setup wizard when we access the univention management console website main page (ip-address/).

Really, we are panic at first :slight_smile: but we found out that we can actually access our database if we access it via ip-address.

Can we turn off the UCS setup wizard? because we afraid that if we do the setup wizard again, although using the same configuration, it will erase our directory database and start from scratch again.

anyone has the same problem? help is very much appreciated.


what was the installation source for your setup? I must admit that I do most installation from the default ISO and I have never seen this behaviour so I guess it must be some pre-installed VM.

The easiest would be if the Apache startpage just points to the Wizard. The default should be something like this:

# ucr get apache2/startsite ucs-overview/

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Dirk Ahrnke


it seems that the package univention-system-setup-boot is still installed, which should not be the case. We have identified that this can be caused by a faulty or nonexistent network connection to our update server during the initial setup of the system. To fix this, please remove the package univention-system-setup-boot from the UCS server.

univention-remove univention-system-setup-boot

this post helpful for me

Thanks, it work for me.