Reverse proxy based on traefik

Is it possible to install a reverse proxy to access internal application from external UCS portal ? Idealy “Traefik”.
Kind regards,
Jean-Raoul Agathe

I’m not sure I fully get your question. What is internal and external in your context? You cannot install Traefik directly on Univention, since there is already Apache listening on port 80/443.

What you can do though is running Traefik on another system and adding links to the Univention portal.

Another solution would be to realise your reverse proxy with the Apache already running on Univention.

Regading internal I was talking about other services (dockers) or other servers from internal network than UCS.
You are right, it is a none sens to have traefik as you mention there is already apache…
Regarding running traefik on other system and add link from ucs portal it is done.
Thank you for you support,