Restriction on UCS interface

Hello, I would like to impose restrictions via the UCS Univention interface, so that users can only use certain options, such as mail, sharing, but no other options, such as user modification for example . It’s possible ?

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do you mean you want to be able to restrict what administrators can modify? For the UMC this isn’t possible. You’re either an admin and have access to everything or you’re a regular user and only have access to changing your own password.


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My case is the following, I wish that my users can create their own mailing list in the email section, without it to change other parameters to which they are not supposed to go.

there really are no solutions?


Not via the default web interface, no.

There is the command-line tool univention-directory-manager (short: udm) that you can use to modify anything in the LDAP directory including mailing list definitions. In the past I’ve used that command together with a self-written, restricted web UI in order to allow certain users to administer a limited set of functions. Yes, that’s potentially quite a lot of work.


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Is that still not possible out-of-the-box?

Any plans on the roadmap regarding this feature for UCS 5.x ?