Resolved: UMC not accessible under FQDN

After installation of Univention 5.0 using the UCS-Installation-amd64.iso on a fresh VMware Workstation VM univention management console is accessible und fully functional under https://ucshost/univention/umc/#/

However, under I get an 404 not found from nginx

I want to use the full URL ( as I am using my wildcard certificate for *.my.fqdn

Installation of my wildcard certificate by doing ucr set apache2/set/certificate etc. seems to be ok, as apache2 restarted without complaints, and presents my wildcard certificate when accessing https://ucshost - but this does not match my wildcard certificate for *.my.fqdn

What is necessary to get access to UMC under ?

This error was due to caching issues. Opening the URL in another incognito browser worked without issues.

P.S.: Browser with problems was Firefox, specifically with activated DNS over https. This caused Firefox to resolve to my root server’s public IP, instead of honoring my local hosts file. After adding an exception in Firefox’s DNS settings for, and clearing the cache for I now can access UMC as expected using the full fqdn URL