Rename netbios after installation

I’ve created an AD domain using this name:

After installation, I’ve noticed my netbios name is lan (e.g. first part of my domain name) - but I want company to be my netbios name.
So I’ve used this kb to change my netbios name (using scenario #2). All commands seem to execute fine and afterwards I got this output: from # samba-tool domain info DC

Forest           :
Domain           :
Netbios domain   : COMPANY
DC name          :
DC netbios name  : DC
Server site      : Default-First-Site-Name
Client site      : Default-First-Site-Name

But in LDAP directory → edit I still see lan as my name:

Also, nslookup company does not resolve anything whereas nslookup lan does responds to the IP of my univention DC.

I’ve also tried to re-install UCS and used this kb to change the netbios name, but it didn’t work (the kb is for UCS 4.X e.g. the chroot command did not work).
Also, I’ve found this bugzilla report to add an option to the GUI installer to change the netbios name, but I didn’t found this in the current installer.

So, what are my options to choose my own NETBIOS name / change my current one please?

Hi wouter,

maybe this will help you.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply but this is exactly the KB that I’ve followed in order to attempt to change my netbios name but for some reason this doesn’t work.

FYI: I’m using version 5.0.7