Removed computers do not appear in UCS hovewer still exist

  1. First occasion. I discovered my Domain Controller was trying to replicate with one domain controller which does not exist for months, it was spamming errors in logs and

samba-tool show drs was showing a lot of consecutive failed connections.

Obviously the domain controller was removed and did not appear anywhere in UCS. Took me a while to figure out how to remove it from samba, however from time to time I still see errors in logs but not as much.

  1. Second occasion. I have installed inventory tool which picks up all domain computers and the inventory tool discovered few computers which were removed weeks ago, for example a computer with unique name “test001” was added and removed the next day and it happened few weeks ago. Why did inventory tool picked up that computer now? I cannot see it in UCS however it seems it was not removed from Samba/elsewhere?

samba-tool dbcheck shows that all records are ok.

It appears to me that UCS does not sync with backend software and it happened few times already on a different occasions, and there are more computers like that. While I could agree some of the computers were not removed properly in the right way, maybe “dirty” way, but some were removed properly even using “leave domain” function. I think this might be related to “trust relationship” issue we are experiencing, maybe those computers were affected?

Something like this
would be helpful to diagnose and remove those computers however I think this should not happen. Any links and commands would be appreciated.

I found a way to list samba users or computers, and I can confirm that old computers do exist in the samba database. :

sudo pdbedit -L -v > users.txt

Please help me out here, if removed computer still exist in samba, and does not appear in UCS, what would be the cause and how to sync it back and forward?

  1. in cases when I join computer to domain and computer appears in samba but does not appear in UCS? This happened before.
  2. in case when I remove computer from UCS/or leave domain, (maybe even trust relationship error occurs), and computer disappears from UCS but still exist in samba. Most likely current situation.