Remove UCS Master completely from Windows Domain


I am trying to install a new UCS 5 system as a domain member (or managed node) into my Windows ActiveDirectory. When I try to join the domain, the wizard detects my Windows domain controller then tells me “The UCS version of the domain that you are trying to join (4.4-8) is lower than the local UCS Version (5.0-1)”

I do have another UCS server (4.4-8) that (I think) has been installed as domain member with local domain database. The server won’t update to version 5 for several nonsense reasons and I just want to get rid of it.

So my question is: Where does an UCS server (domain member with local authentication database) change my ActiveDirectory and how would I completely remove it and clean everything up like it was before? Where is this UCS Domain version marked down in my AD ?

I can see the computer account (obviously) and one DNS service record (_sites / tcp / domaincontroller_master)

Is that all? Where else would I have to look?

Kind regards

I removed the old DNS service record and the UCS 5 installation wizard gives me the option to join windows domain by using the role of “primary directory node” (first UCS node that joins the domain I guess)

Unfortunately the join process fails somehow.

I am able to login with domain admin credentials afterwards but the webui claims that there is no module available for my user

I tried to join by logging in as root again but the result is the same

Isn’t there be some kind of documentation in what ways an UCS system alters the windows active directory when it joins and how to revert it?