Remove slave DC from domain


I have been struggling to rejoin a slave DC to our domain for a couple of days without any luck. I finally decided to give up and remove it from the domain. I tried to simply remove it via the GUI, but it is still visible in ADUC, and the syslog on the master DC frequently has this entry which i suspect refers to the DC in question:

Nov 1 11:41:25 dc01 slapd[1480]: conn=1477 op=2 do_search: invalid dn: “dn:: dWlkPWRlYjU0MDYzLG91PUdyw7xuZXJsw7hra2Esb3U9RGVpY2htYW4sZGM9YWQsZGM9b2JpYixkYz1ubw==”

I also have problems setting up new shares on out two remaining DCs, which I suspect might be a related issue.

All DCs have been upraded to 4.4-2 errata328.

Could somebody please give me at tip on how to remove the DC completely in order to get our domain back in working order?

Many thanks in advance.

best regards

Thanks, I will look into the troubleshooting guide.