Remove old printers from UCS Slave CUPS

Hi, I have problem with removing printers from UCS Slave server.

On UCS Primary controller I can add/modify/remove printers without problems. If I run “lpstat -p -d”, I see only printers assigned to PDC.

But on Slave controller “lpstat -p -d” show me actully assigned printers to Slave + all old (deleted) printers. If I delete this old printers from Slave CUPS webpage (https://slave:631), they reappear for a moment.

Rejoining univention-printserver is successful, creating a modifying printers assigned to Slave is working. Only if remove Slave printer, they ramains in Slave CUPS. I uninstall/reinstal CUPS on Slave, but not helps.

How to completly remove old unused printers from Slave UCS/CUPS?

UCS 4.3 (continuously upgraded from 4.2)