Remove Office365 Connection

Hello to everyone,

due to some changes in our infrastructure we have to remove the office365 connector and reset the office365 to normal authentication (non-saml / regular login.

I didn’t find any documentation regarding this.
My assuption are the following steps to remove it:

  • remove office365-connector (app) from ucs
  • remove the UCS entry in the azure domain directory admin center
  • Connect-MsolService
  • Set-MsolDomainAuthentication -DomainName “our.domain” -Authentication Managed;
  • Get-MsolDomain

my two questions:

  • Did i miss something, or are these steps correct to reset the login procedure?
  • Are users able to login into the domain after disabling saml? Or do we have to manualy reset their pw to a new one?

best regards,

The steps look good, and users should be able to login once SSO is removed with the steps you mentioned. Your assumption that the userpasswords have to be set for users in Azure AD is correct, they get initialized with a long random password by the connector.