Remove LDAP attributedescription

Hi all,
after upgrading Univention (with KOPANO installed) to version 5 (Thanks to Univention!) I have 2 warnings from an old Guacamole installation in system check results:

root@mmnucs:/home/ws# slapschema
62e7b7b6 UNKNOWN attributeDescription “GUACCONFIGPROTOCOL” inserted.
62e7b7b6 UNKNOWN attributeDescription “GUACCONFIGPARAMETER” inserted.

Searching around I have found no possibility to remove this attributedescription. Any help is welcome.

Hi Wschanz,
I have similar error on a DC 5.0.2 e373. There is also kopano, but on another server (member).

/etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 191: rootdn is always granted unlimited privileges.
UNKNOWN attributeDescription “CLIENTSECRET” inserted.
UNKNOWN attributeDescription “CLIENTID” inserted.
UNKNOWN attributeDescription “APPLICATIONTYPE” inserted.
UNKNOWN attributeDescription “REDIRECTURI” inserted.
UNKNOWN attributeDescription “TRUSTED” inserted.

only to finish this thread:
I have found this to clear attributedescriptions.
Then the warnings are gone.

Same here after deinstallation of OpenID (because migration to keycloak). Have you been able to solve this? Because the scheme definitely no longer exists.

Please see solution link above.

Yes, of course I have already worked through both articles. The strange thing… there is no schema that has this content and you won’t find it in Backup.ldif either. I also went through the schemas manually. Nothing was found.

That what i found was this, but that doesn’t help me, does it?

~/ldap-backup/ grep -i openid backup.ldif 
enabledServiceProviderIdentifierGroup: SAMLServiceProviderIdentifier=openid-
univentionService: OpenID Connect Provider
univentionService: OpenID Connect Provider
dn: cn=openid-connect-provider,cn=apps,cn=univention,dc=osit,dc=cc
cn: openid-connect-provider
dn: cn=OpenID Connect Provider,cn=services,cn=univention,dc=osit,dc=cc
cn: OpenID Connect Provider
description: OpenID Connect service definitions
dn: SAMLServiceProviderIdentifier=openid-connect-provider,cn=saml-servicepro
SAMLServiceProviderIdentifier: openid-connect-provider
univentionAppDescription: [de] SAML und OpenID Connect Identity Provider
univentionAppDescription: [en] SAML and OpenID Connect Identity Provider

Am I getting something wrong?