Remove .intranet from Domain name


Is there a way to remove the .intranet from my domain name?
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This is basically a complete change of the domain name. During the installation the specified domain is also used to create the LDAP-base. It is nearly impossible to change the LDAP structure. Changing the domain name would be a lot of work as you have to touch all systems.
What you can try is to create a new forward zone in DNS to create A records in addition to the existing hostnames.



This domain is in its infancy and I could just start over. How do I make sure the next time around the “.Intranet” does not get added to the domain? Last time when I did the installation and was naming the domain it was automatically added the extension to it. How can I make sure that undesired extension are not added to the domain name?
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During installation you’re asked for both the system’s fully-qualified domain name and the LDAP base DN. The screen looks like this:

Here you can remove the .intranet from the FQDN and change the LDAP base DN accordingly.

I highly suggest you only change the FQDN and accept what the installer will automatically derive from the changed FQDN as the LDAP base DN. Standardized setups are easier to reason about and debug later on if you ever run into trouble.

Just keep in mind that you should never, ever use a domain name for the UCS domain that’s already in used externally. For example, my company’s public domain is As the UCS system must be in control of all the DNS entries in the domain it’ll manage, I must not use for my UCS system. Using a sub-domain of an externally-available domain on the other hand is just fine — meaning I can use e.g. or for my UCS domain as long as it isn’t used yet.

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Thank you very much that was greatly helpful.


You’re quite welcome.