Remove consecutive spaces from groups and shares

Remove consecutive spaces from groups and shares

As described in Bug 53880 shares with consecutive spaces in the name are currently not be exported as SAMBA shares.

If the share should be exported over SAMBA, any consecutive spaces need to be replaced with a single space.

UCS version 5.0 and above

Please note that OpenLDAP ignores “insignificant” spaces for attribute comparisons, meaning a single space has the same value as multiple consecutive spaces. See rfc4518.

UCS 5.0 and above has more strict checks if a group or share name is already taken. This results in an error if only consecutive spaces are replaced with a single space, because both names are considered the same.

In this case, the name needs to be changed in two steps. E.g. rename “my       group” to “my group_temp” to “my group”.

Special case UCS@school

With UCS@school the shares for classes and work groups should always have the same name as the group. For classes, this can easily be ensured by using the Classes UMC-module, which renames both the group and the corresponding share.

However, work groups and their corresponding shares need to be renamed separately. Please rename the group first and then rename the corresponding share using the same name. For example, by using the LDAP directory UMC-module.