Relution not usable after installation

Hello everyone!

I’ve tried getting Relution to work several times now and I’m still stuck at the same problem.

Basics first:

  • A fresh installation of a UCS 5.0-2 errata454 as managed node (let us call it
  • Installed LetsEncrpyt for Certificats - working
  • Installed Relution from the App-Catalog - Container is running

As far as I know by reading several posts, I should be able to login to the relution management via Alternatively I could use the subdomain created by the installation scripts (

Both should be passed through to the docker container to - what doesn’t happen. I’m alway redirected to the univention portal site of the server (

When I try to open directly I get the login screen. When I try to login, the site accepts the credentials (admin, orga admin and so on), shows me the waiting circle and that’s it. Nothing else happens.

It obviously checks the credentials, because not existent credentials are refused. When monitoring the docker logs I get the following output:

INFO 186 [NIO-1 task-3] ce.AuthenticationService: login of admin (37A99C36-BD3A-424B-94A5-C1A0A38106D4) [authorization=37A99C36-BD3A-424B-94A5-C1A0A38106D4, request=00000183-b39b-14e4-0000-000000000123, securityContext=anonymousUser]

I’m a little bit irritated about securityContext=anonymousUser, but ath this point I’m done.

So there are two problems:

  1. The ProxyPass doesn’t work and opening the Relution-Site always throws me back to /univention/portal and
  2. Loging into Relution using the direct way without encryption on port 40001 accepts credentials and does nothing afterwards.

Is there anyone out there with any idea what to do?

Kind regards

PS: German answers are welcome, too :wink:

Similar problem to me. After I have updated the relution app to version 5.x I was not able to login to Relution. Checking Apache2 status i throw an error message failure=1.


meanwhile I managed to solve my problem, but I guess it’s different from hssas’.

In my case it has been LetsEncrypt causing the problem. After removing it, I was able to connect to the portal of the Relution-package.

I guess LetsEncrypt changed something in the vhosts what made it impossible to connect to the subdomain relution created. I didn’t figure this out completely, because I just wanted to reach an operational state.

If I find time to explore this in detail I’ll post my results here.

Kind regards