Recommended App-Updates 4.1 / 4.2

I’m asking for some advice about how to update Apps on 4.1 slave-/ member-servers, having already updated my master-/ backup-server to ucs4.2 (without problems by the way!).

  • I’ve tried to update the App from the 4.1 slave-server App-center, but I’m getting a mistake because of problems reaching master- and backup-server, or them having a different App-center.
  • I see the possibility of updating through the master-server App-center, where I see the possibility to ‘install’ the App on the slave.

So the question:

  • What’s the right way to update?

I could also wait until all other Apps hosted on the slave-server are ready for a 4.2 update, and just do the server update to 4.2 including the update of all Apps.

Best, Bernd

Hello Bernd,

which apps in your environment are not available for UCS 4.2 yet and block the upgrade of your slave system? A list of the apps you are missing would help me getting in touch with the app providers.

You can check with the app catalog. Each app lists the UCS versions they are available for.

Best regards,

Hello Nico,

in the 4.1 App-centers I see:

  • Bareos Backup Server (noch keine Aktualisierung verfügbar)
  • Odoo 8 (noch keine Aktualisierung verfügbar)
    Die momentan installierte Version der Applikation agorum core Pro ist nicht verfügbar für alle neueren UCS Releases.

Hello Bernd,

Yes, true.

Bareos is currently working on the upgrade. I cannot tell a time frame yet.

The Odoo 8 app will probably unfortunately not receive an upgrade for UCS 4.2. We have so far not received any feedback for the app provider on this.

Best regards,