Recommendation for Secondary Domain Controller

Friends, good evening, I would like to know how you work in the following environment. I have Univention 4.1 running as Domain Controller on one client and would like to install another Univention to run as Secondary Domain Controller (even read-only), so that while my DC01 was down, my clients could use the DC02 to authenticate and access DNS and if possible also GPOs.

Thanks for any tips you can give me in this kind of environment.

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.

Hello Tácio Andrade,

you might just install a secondary server with UCS-Backup-Role joining it into an existing UCS-Domain.
The UCS-Backup system is just another DC with read-only access (DCB).

See also the Univention Manual at chapter 2.9.3

kind regards

Thank you very much, I imagined that this was possible, but in a Telegram group on Samba 4, some less experienced users informed me that it did not work properly and things like that (which I thought was not true, since Domain Controller never Can go offline in some companies).

Thanks very much for showing me the way, since I had already seen the option to join an existing domain, but I thought it would only serve to join a Domain Controller Windows, I do not know where I got it.

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.