Re-Installing of Docker-APP (Mattermost and have the same settings as before

If I uninstall Mattermost or Rocket.Chat from the App Center and then reinstall it, the data from the previous installation will remain. how can I completely uninstall the apps and reinstall them without overinstalling them?

hm… I could swear that at some point this was documented within the Mattermost app (for example in the uninstall readme), but I cannot see this at the moment anymore.

UCS by default stores the app data in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/. For Mattermost the directory to remove would be /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/mattermost.

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thank you very much for this fast solution :slight_smile:

Hello @letmesetupthis,

for Rocket.Chat it is the same. You would need to delete all files below /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/rocketchat. The configuration is stored in the MongoDB, which is part of the Rocket.Chat app and the DB data is persistent and stays on the system after uninstallation. To get rid of it, you need to manually remove those directories and files.

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