Quota is wrong for Samba share

I have a share over Samba to a Windows 7 box. The user tried to access a file on his share (Outlook Archive PST), and Outlook wouldn’t open it, saying it was locked. He then quite Outlook and tried to delete the file. It wouldn’t delete.

I went into the server, cd to the share and rm the file.

All is good. du shows the proper space, but repquota still shows all the space used/

root@fs1:/share# repquota -avugs | grep poole
mpoole    --   2940M   5120M   5120M              1     0     0    

root@fs1:/share# du -sh mpoole/
656M	mpoole/

Any ideas what is wrong?

Did you try to switch it off an on again? :wink:

I have no reallife experience with quotas but in the cases I have seen a mismatch in disk usage it was always related to processes still thinking that the files you have deleted directly still exist.
Additional possibly related information: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/156897/why-does-du-and-quota-results-not-match