Question regarding UCS domain join as member server / Frage zum AD Join während des Setups

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we want to evaluate UCS for our company. We are currently running a MS AD Domain and want to keep it like that. For seemless user integration we want to add the UCS as a member to the AD domain (no DC functionality needed). During setup I have chosen the option “Join existing Microsoft Active Directory Domain” (Dont know the exact wording as I am running german servers).
I am now facing the summary screen before joining the domain and am a bit confused as it says “The system will join to an existing AD-domain with the Role DC Master”. Does this mean that my domain has the role “DC master” and UCS will join it, or does it mean that UCS joins the domain as DC Master?


Um die Antwortchancen zu erhöhen, hänge ich es auch nochmal in deutsch an. Und zwar irritiert mich beim Setup des UCS die Meldung “UCS Konfiguration: Das System tritt einer existierenden AD-Domäne mit der Rolle DC Master bei.”
Bedeutet das, dass der Server als Member, oder tatsäclich in der Funktion DC Master beitritt, was ja keinesfalls gewünscht ist. Im Dialog habe ich dio Option “einer bestehenden Microsoft AD Domain beitreten” gewählt.

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No it means it will be the UCS Domain Master (first UCS Server is always the role DC Master for LDAP Directory) this has nothing to do with MS Domain which the server will act as memberserver


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