Question for DEV@Univention: Availability of Kernel 4.11.x?

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one of our clients has bought a storage from DELL, which is connected the server (DELL of course) with a MegaRAID Tri-mode SAS 3508.
Installing and running the UCS on the DELL server isn’t a problem at all. But although lspci and lshw display the controller, the configured RAID 5 is not available.
According to a number of posting in other places, this controller will be supported starting with kernel 4.11.

Can DEV@Univention tell me, when this version will be used by the UCS? Our UCS currently uses 4.9.08

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I highly suggest that you don’t install UCS directly on bare metal. Instead install VMware ESXi which supports that RAID controller in ESXi 6.7U1. This has a lot of advantages, among them that your Linux only needs to supports VMware’s virtualized hardware I/O controllers (which UCS does just fine) and that you can take snapshots of the VM before doing important and dangerous stuff like installing updates.

BTW: Dell offers customized VMware ESXi installation ISOs that include Dell-specific drivers such as for RAID controllers and other specialized hardware. They’re free of charge, and you should really use those instead of VMware’s original installation images.

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Well Moritz,

I have 20+ years of IT knowledge, nevertheless our client (working in a different business) of course knows what’s best for him. That’s why it’s DELL and that’s the reason why we don’t use Virtualization. I guess you know this kind of customer :roll_eyes:

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Isn’t UCS using the standard Debian Kernel? (I faintly remember this was a topic in either the 4.2 or 4.3 release)

Hence I would expect that you can use any Kernel that is also available for the matching Debian release.

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Hi Felix,

you’re right! Downloaded 4.18 from a Debian 9 repo, installed, rebootet - RAID5 with 40 TB available!

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the problem with manually installing a kernel from somewhere else is that you won’t get security updates for it during regular updates. You’ll always have to download & install it manually.

You’ll also have to pay attention when updating to the next major Univention version whenever that’ll come out (4.4 or 5.0 or whatever it’ll be named).

Just something to be aware of.