Question about SMB quotas


I have a UCS Domain Controller and a separate UCS fileserver. In the domain controller, I set up shares on the fileserver and apply a quota policy soft limit 8G hard limit 10G.

If I set up share ‘gbr’ with the quota policy, and mount from windows, the drive still shows 1TB free. If I apply a quota per user policy on the filerserver itself, the drive shows 10GB free. Is that normal? I’m running a test right now and trying to copy 50GB of infromation into the 10GB share (using policies) and see what happens.

Also, if I read the docs right, if I have the following shares:

And gbr has a domain policy of 10GB while Apps has a domain policy of 70GB, Apps will actually only have a 10GB quota, since it’s on the same partition as gbr.

Am I understanding that correctly?

It seems it is better to use the local fileserver quotas, since the share properties shows the disk size as the quota size, and to put non-user specific shares on different partition. I’d still like quotas for non user shares (ie: Apps, which contains installable application that all users can red and write to), but I’m not quite sure how to do that yet. Create a new user and force that user in the samba share?


So I just copied 60GB of data into a share that has a quota policy softlimit of 20G and a hardlimit of 30G.

If I want quotas on a fileserver, I need to user filesystem quotas and not policy quotas.