QNAP running Univention docker image diretly


Is there a way to run the Univention docker container on my Qnap Nas using the Qnap container station directly?
Basically I’m just looking for a way to run Kopano on my Nas. I think it would save some resources if I run it on an docker system instead of running a whole virtual machine.




Hi @vore76,

thats a good question. A docker image of an ucs master can be fetched from https://hub.docker.com/r/univention/ucs-master-amd64/, but the last time i played with this I unable to install any docker based apps, though.

Lucky for you at least for now Kopano is not a docker based app.


Thank you for your information. In this case I will go on with the Virtualization Station of my Qnap NAS.


Hi @vore76,

I would recommend opening a dedicated topic for this error so it can be easier found by the Univention devs. When opening the post some more details would be nice as well: when does the error come? during the initial setup. after the appliance was already setup? Which appliance did you use for the import?