QA:Is it possible to create school administrator for each school?

UCS in a virtual environment


Is it possible to create a user under ucs@school with the role “school administrator” for each school?


Yes it is, with the following UCRV.
If you are using the default UCRV (univention-config-registry-variables) so you have the options to create the following user for ucs@school : student, teacher, staff, teacher and staff.

If you keep the following UCRV empty, now you have the option to create an ucs@school admin just for the each school:

ucsschool/wizards/schoolwizards/users/roles/disabled: schoolAdmin
 Comma-separated list of UCS@school user roles, that shall be disabled in UCS@school user wizard (Default: schoolAdmin; possible values: student,teacher,staff,teachersAndStaff,schoolAdmin)

So you have to use this command below:

ucr set ucsschool/wizards/schoolwizards/users/roles/disabled=

Now you have the option like in the picture below


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