Q: AD/LDAP Failover configuration

Hi Univention, I came across your help article concerning fail safe scenarios (Fail-safe domain setup). In the section about LDAP you mention to add additional LDAP servers via UCR var: ldap/server/addition. What does this exactly enable for me? Does this mean I do not need a loadbalancer in front of the servers? How do clients determine a backup server if there is no load balancer? Via DNS functionality somehow?

Nearly the same questions goes for the section about AD. If I have multiple servers with AD app installed: How do clients determine failover instance in case the primary one goes down?

Or is this whole article more about how to “replicate&sync” the data between the nodes and I need to either have a load balancer in front of them or add multiple host entries (primary and backup) for clients consuming the LDAP/AD service

Kind regards!