Q&A: What is the DHCP leasetime


What is the DHCP leasetime?


You can define a policy, which sets the prefered leasetime.
Check with

:~# udm policies/dhcp_leasetime list
:~# univention-ldapsearch univentionDhcpLeaseTimeDefault=* dn
If you have no lease time defined, the default leasetime of the dhcp.conf is used.

man dhcp.conf
default-lease-time time;
Time should be the length in seconds that will be assigned to a lease if the client requesting the lease does not ask for a specific expiration time. This is used for both
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 leases (it is also known as the “valid lifetime” in DHCPv6). The default is 43200 seconds.

This is 12 Hours