Q&A: Can I use ucs@school with connection to MS-AD?


Can I use ucs@school with connection to MS-AD?


Yes it is possible, to use the AD-connection.
But it is not possible to use the member-mode option with ucs@school. Meaning, if the UCS master is joined into the MS-AD domain, the school app does not have enough permissions on the local UCS system to work properly.

If you ran mistakenly in this scenario you may be faced with this error message, when you try to install ucs@school:

This UCS domain uses Samba 3, which is no longer supported by UCS@school. To continue, the UCS domain must be upgraded to Samba 4

You can jsut read from the MS-AD server, than you have to install the UCS server without joining to the MS-AD domain during installation wizard and install the AD-Connection app after the installation.