Q&A: Can I map more than one class to a mapdrive letter


Can I map more than one class to a mapdrive letter?
E.g. A teacher hs more than one class, and wans to have all classes mapped to a drive letter.


Unfortunately you can only have one class mapped.
You find some ucs variables for this here:

ucr search --brief userlogon
ucsschool/userlogon/classshareletter: K
ucsschool/userlogon/commonshares/letter/.*: <empty>
ucsschool/userlogon/commonshares/letter/Marktplatz: M
ucsschool/userlogon/commonshares/server/.*: <empty>
ucsschool/userlogon/commonshares/server/Marktplatz: slave-moon
ucsschool/userlogon/commonshares: Marktplatz

If you use the import you have this variable:
ucsschool/import/set/homedrive: I:

But in the vbs script desktop shortcuts are created, these should point to the whole classes.
The listener module, which creates the vbs-script, cannot be taught to use other drive letters at the moment.

You may find this article interesting, too